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If you want it just a little more neutral, then this set is for you! The MINI faceted bracelet has 3mm beads that make it slightly more subtle than the faceted bracelet. The bracelets have an adjustable macrame clasp. So you can put the bracelets on and off quickly & easily. The bracelet set is packed in a gift box with a dried flower bouquet and will be sent with a track & trace package.

What's in the kit?

• a 'natural' MINI faceted bracelet with a letter of your choice

• a 'text bracelet • mini cubes' with text of your choice

Set of hope

  • Hou er rekening mee dat er maximaal 15 letterkralen op de tekst armband • mini blokjekunnen. De armbanden die je op de foto's ziet staan zijn ter inspiratie! 

    Alle armbanden kunnen verwachten worden tussen 5 à 10 werkdagen :)

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